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iOS 14 vs iPadOS 14: Features That Makes Difference in Updates

iOS 14 is the latest operating system for iPhone users, while iPadOS 14 is a new version to give iPad users an extra facility.  But actually, how much benefit would you get from iPadOS 14 comparing iOS 14. 

iOS 14 is updated with redesigned home screen widgets and App library; the iPados 14 offers the latest Apple pencil with a redesigned new app. Since it’s a little bit confusing to differentiate the features between the iOS 14 vs iPadOS 14 operating system, so let’s give you a clear thought about that.

Difference Between iOS 14 vs iPadOS 14 at A Glance

iOS 14iPadOS 14
Face Time
App clips
Scanned from QR codes, NFC, Apple app clip codesScanned from only QR codes and links
Scribble and Apple Pencil
Not featuresFeatured for any text writing field
Health App

Let’s help you to find out the dissimilarities in these operating systems in details that you won’t match in both systems.

App Library

You don’t have to scroll the app pages anymore with iOS 14 because now you can hide app pages that are not essential. Also, iOS 14 allows organizing your app in the App library.

But unfortunately, iPadOS 14 missed this feature. It will come with the same app layout pages, and you won’t hide any pages.


iOS 14 makes access to move the widgets across the home screen. But you can’t resize the widgets after you place them. So you must adjust the size before you’re going to move.

On the other hand,  the iPadOS 14 can access all its redesigned widgets to resize them but unable to move the widgets in the home screen as they are locked in the Today panel on the left of the iPads home screen.

Emoji Searching

Apple brings the easy emoji search bar for the iPadOS 14 when you’ll use an external keyboard to save your time to memorize the right emoji.

Here the iOS 14 became lag behind as it doesn’t feature an emoji search menu, and still, the emojis are layout in sheets like previous versions.  This is so unexpected for iPhone users because an emoji popover menu doesn’t take much space.

Translate App

In iOS 14, here is a translate app that features translation to and from 11 languages in voice and text. There is also a conversation mode and spoken text option to help chat someone in other languages.

The iPadOS 14 is designed with a new translate app for conversation with offline facilities that keep your conversation private. Besides, the attention mode helps to catch one’s attention by its larger text translation.


The map app of iOS 14 gives you cycling direction, Electric vehicle routing with charging stops. And it guides you to find a new restaurant, friends, and brands in a new city.

iPadOS 14 features the similar as above, but it makes a difference in the speed cameras. So you can’t know where the speed traps and tracking behavior red light cameras are available.


iPads are now provided in the menu pan on the left for apps as drives, notes, and photos with iPadOS 14. So much like the Mac sidebar, you can move them from tab to on the screen’s bottom.

As the iPhone doesn’t have much space, no wonder this menu pan isn’t coming with iOS 14.

Car Keys

iOS 14 features car keys for some limited iPhone but the iPadOS 14 is completely lacking this feature. So if you’re planning to unlock your car with iPadOS 14, it’ll be a bad idea.


Earlier this year Bringing the Dark sky, Apple made a more powerful weather app for the iPhone. This weather app can give various weather alerts, forecast precipitation in minutes with next – hour precipitation. But you won’t find any weather app on your iPadOS 14.


The differences between iOS 14 vs iPadOS 14 make significance for the uses of users. This comparison doesn’t mean which is good or bad but to let you know what you should expect from these operating systems according to your convenience. As both the systems are best in their way, so consider what you may need.

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