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How To Install SSD in Laptop: Get Step By Step Instructions

Maybe you are getting notifications or errors that indicate there is no more space in your hard drive. This issue refers to the need for additional hard disk space, so you should upgrade the storage system. Further, possibly you are looking for an easy and cost-effective way to make your faster laptop.

Replacing the existing hard drive is the first solution to dramatically reducing booting time, load apps, and generating a significant amount of space for gaming, video editing, or online browsing. So, read this article on how to install SSD in laptop very simply.

Easy Process on How to Install SSD in Laptop for Better Performance 

A brand new hard drive installment has become pretty challenging for laptops due to the compact and rigid hardware structure. Therefore, users usually consult with a specialist or buy another. Of course, laptop can vary in design, upgraded technology as well as formation. However, we will try to provide you a simple step – b – step instruction. 

Step One: Arrange Important Materials 

You are replacing the existing drive that’s reason need to gather supplies. Firstly take a screwdriver, laptop’s owner’s manual, and most urgently, manage a new SSD drive. Also, take some additional items you may include disk cloning software, ESD wrist straps, external enclosure, or adapter.

Step Two: Ensure Safe Environment 

Before starting your replacement, make sure there is no paper or plastic bags in the workplace. Then, disconnect the power cable and remove the battery from laptop.

Step Three: Consult User Manual 

Find out what kind of SSD will make it compatible in your laptop. Thus, check the user manual, or even you can go to the manufacture’s website. With this issue, moreover, find where the access panel is to install a new drive easily.

Step Four: Purchase SSD 

Usually, SSDs appear in various sizes and thicknesses. It is crucial to ensure the right solid-state – drive for your laptop since you also need to get the perfect interface (SATA, PICe, or M.2). The most common form factor is 2.5 inch which comes with a 7mm thickness for newer laptops. On the other hand, thinner models maybe require a 1.8-inch drive, but some laptops also use a 9.5 mm drive. 

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However, we want to decrease your anxiety that why Crucial P1 is recommended. It is affordable to support sequential read/write speeds up to 2,000/1,700MB/s. Therefore, amazingly will see faster working deliberation than ever before. 

Step Five: Buy External Enclosure or Adapter

The external enclosure allows connection with SSD from the computer through USB so that you can complete the cloning process. This is the physical case containing electronics and interfaces. Not only that but after replacement possibly this will offer to turn your old hard drive into an external drive. From this point of view, a USB – SATA adapter cable can be helpful to migrate files. 

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Again, we come to provide some help with the recommendation of USB 3.0 to SATA adaptor / Sabrent External Enclosure, which is exceptionally gain high transfer rate to save your time.

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Step Six: Backup Everything 

The most dreadful work during installation is completing data migration successfully. You are leaving the old drive permanently, so what about the critical files. Since you are interested in keeping the previous data, use the SATA adapter cable or external enclosure. 

Maybe you buy a data transferring CD that comes with SSD, follow the instruction to install to make the backup process easy. Again you don’t have one; take assistance from to download a free version of EaseUS to accomplish backup. 

Step Seven: Open Laptop Case 

Take nearly five seconds to hold down the power button that properly discharges residual electricity. Then, open your laptop’s entire case with a small Philips screwdriver and remove the screws. In particular, you can buy a CREMAX Screwdriver set for only 24 USD. 

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Especially, be careful so that the screws don’t roll into your laptop innards; otherwise, you will fall in big trouble. To do this task easily, you can help from the owner’s manual. 

Step Eight: Remove Used Drive 

Find out the exact location and note the size of the bays. Now, you should lift the hard drive about 45 degrees and pull it out carefully. Moreover, look closely for any support frames, braces, adapters, or even screws that might be connected to your old storage device and carry away them. 

Step Nine: Keep SSD in the Hard Drive Space 

After removing the old hard drive, come to place your new SSD in the same place and. If you see, the current drive won’t fit correctly; you use the spacer that comes with SSD that mainly generates the same level of thickness as the previous one.

Step Ten: Organize Your Laptop 

Reassemble all the pieces into their original forms. So, put on the laptop case and settle down all the screws. Then, place the laptop battery in its location again. 

Step Eleven: Boot up and Relax

Rejoined power system, then press the power button. Hopefully, after doing the following step, you find how much faster your laptop boots up and apps load. Therefore have some fun from a new performance.

Some Additional Tips 

  • Static discharges can bring permanent damage to a hard drive. Thus, you can take EDS wrist straps to ensure better safety. If you don’t have one, try to ground yourself or touch something like a metal object.
  • If possible, take an external hard drive to store your extra-large folders, and you won’t need to delete any files. 
  • Don’t touch the connectors on the hard drive; otherwise, your new SSD can get harm.
  • Try not to open your SSD. 
  • Don’t force SSD to plug it hurry, instead perform simply and fit it snugly. 

Final Words 

Our expectation that you find the exact solution from this article on how to install SSD in laptop easily. No matter how old your computer, you can definitely change or upgrade the hard drive easily. During the installation process try to follow the precautions. On the other hand, the recommended products also can make the replacement process more spontaneous or buy as you wish. 

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